The Changing London Olympic Park – 2006 to 2010

Inspired by Andrew Kesper’s ABC before/after photos of the Japan tsunami destruction, I have created a “scrubber” photo of the London Olympic construction site in the east of the capital, using the imagery available in Google Earth. The aerial photography is copyright Google and Bluesky. You can the see the original imagery in Google Earth by using the program’s timeline slider, there are some other years also available there, even one from December 1945.

Move your mouse over the picture, to swipe between the 2006 and 2010 imagery.

Show dividing line?

I’m using JQuery to handle the mouse positioning. Creating such a graphic is
quite straightforward. There’s only about 10 lines of JavaScript code involved, plus some CSS styling. It even sort of works on the iPhone – tap once to reposition the dividing line. All credit to Andrew and ABC for the idea.