Geodemographics and spatial interaction: an integrated model for higher education

Spatial interaction modelling and geodemographic analysis have each developed as quite separate research traditions. In this paper, we present an integrated model that harnesses the power of spatial interaction modelling to behavioural insights derived from a geodemographic classification. This approach is applied to the modelling of participation in higher education (HE). A novel feature of the paper is the integration of national schools, colleges and HE data; a national model is then calibrated and tested against actual recorded flows of students into HE. The model is implemented within a Java framework and is presented as a first step towards providing a quantitative tool that can be used by HE stakeholders to explore policies relating to such topics as widening access to under-represented groups.

Singleton, A.D., Alan G Wilson, and Oliver O’Brien. 2012. “Geodemographics and Spatial Interaction: An Integrated Model for Higher Education.” Journal of Geographical Systems 14 (2): 223–241.