Wall Mounting iPads in Office Space

At the moment we are looking into ways to mount 6 iPads in the CASA office, home of digital urban. As part of our ‘Analogies’ grant we are looking at creating a portable exhibition space of urban research. Building on our recent iPad work on QRator, in association with Digital Humanities, we are looking to create a conversation and twitter system linked to artefacts. However, in the case of Analogies, the artefacts are part of the urban system, looking at flows, networks, simulacra and simulation.

Our first test has been using the PadTab Tablet Mounting System and we are impressed. Using a press on mount it is possible to slide an iPad on and off the wall. In a closed, monitored office space it is a quick and easy solution, the movie below provides more details:

Security is of course an issue when you move to a more public space, but for a first look the PadTab is perfect for the office.