Easter Sunday – Big Bike Share Day

It’s Easter Sunday. In England at least, the shops are closed, public transport is restricted, and it’s a warm and sunny day. What better to do than get out on the bike. And if you don’t have a bike, the centre of many of the world’s capital cities now have cheap bikes to rent. So, today is likely to one of the biggest days for bike share so far.

Here’s a league table for some of the bike share cities I’m tracking, based on today’s figures. My metric is based on the maximum number of bikes simultaneously being used. It doesn’t take into account bikes being redistributed, breaking or being added to (or removed from) the scheme today, and assumes that at some point overnight, no bikes were being used before.

% of Bikes in Simultaneous Use – Selected Cities

City No of Bikes Max Use % Time of Max Use (Local)
Washington DC 872 37% HUGE! 16:04
Miami Beach 427 37% HUGE! 14:04
London 4239 35% HUGE! 17:06
Vienna 823 29% 16:42
Mexico City 1162 26% 12:48
Bordeaux 1190 22% 16:24
Barcelona 4327 11% 19:34
Minneapolis 573 9% 16:48

Note: Above 30%, the system is extremely busy and it becomes very difficult to find a bike in many places.

America is beating Europe!

Photo by Infomatique on Flickr.