#1yeartogo Twitter Map

Big Data Tool Kit, located a couple of desks away from Digital Urban in CASA at University College London, has just made live his visualisation of the #1yeartogo London 2012 tag. Powered by a mix of our MapTube visualisations and behind the scenes collection tools CASA are streaming in the live hastags to create a series of heat maps.

Worldwide #1yeartogo
The first map details a worldwide heat map of all tweets containing the #1yeartogo hashtag and the second illustrates the tweets within the UK. In the first 3 hours of collection there were over 5,000 geo-located tweets in the database. Each map automatically updates every 5 minutes.
These visualisations show the first live test of our new heat map visualisation that will be made available to the general public in the next few weeks on MapTube. Many thanks as ever go to Richard Milton who has been working hard over the past few months on these upgrades.
You can view the maps direct via http://bigdata.casa.ucl.ac.uk/2012/

Fabian over at UrbanTick will be creating his unique style of new city landscape map, based on the data, later this week.
Open access to the suite of tools as part of Big Data Toolkit kicks off in November…