V’Lille and Bike in Bath Online – Huge Lille Figures

I’ve added Lille and Bath to the Bike Share Map. Lille’s system, V’Lille, was soft-launched a few weeks ago, while Bike in Bath, a very small system run by Bicincitta, also launched recently. Bath’s uptake so far seems to have been virtually non-existent – with no rides yet today – however Lille’s usage has been nothing short of spectacular – yesterday, nearly 70% of all the bikes in the system were on the streets rather than in the docks. In fact, Lille tops the following table which shows my estimated maximum use of bike share bikes across 17 cities yesterday. In calculating these numbers, I’ve assumed that at some point in the night before/after, no bikes were being used, and that any change in the total number of docks is because of faulty bikes. That last assumption is a conservative one, so the actual %s may well be a little higher. I can’t be sure that these are accurate numbers so these stats should not be regarded as being definitive, just (perhaps) indicative.

Lille leads the way and Seoul’s small system (in two seperate suburbs) also had impressive usage. San Antonio in Texas, another small system, is in a surprise third place, with London fourth. Vienna also had a very good day.

Sunday 2 October – Estimated Maximum Simultaneous Use

City Local Time of Maximum Weather No of Bikes in System Max % In Use
Lille Sunday 16:56 Sunny 678 65.9%
Seoul Sunday 16:16 Sunny 301 40.5%
San Antonio Sunday 11:18 Sunny 109 37.6%
London Sunday 15:52 Sunny 4765 36.9%
Vienna Sunday 16:48 Sunny 878 30.6%
Saragossa Sunday 19:44 Sunny 885 25.9%
Bordeaux Sunday 16:38 Cloudy 1254 19.5%
Tel Aviv (Saturday) Saturday 17:10 Part Cloudy 667 18.1%
Washington DC and Arlington Sunday 12:50 Part Cloudy 852 18.0%
Changzhou (China) Sunday 08:34 Rain 1543 16.3%
Miami Beach (4h interval) Sunday 19:30 Part Cloudy 598 16.2%
Dublin (3rd party data) Sunday 18:10 Rain 448 12.5%
Minneapolis Sunday 11:46 Sunny 987 8.4%
Rennes Sunday 18:00 Sunny 801 7.2%
Toronto Sunday 10:42 Rain 772 6.7%
Montreal Sunday 17:32 Rain 4274 4.0%
Melbourne Sunday 11:48 Part Cloudy 541 2.6%

Thanks as ever to Russell from the Bike-sharing Blog for alerting me to Lille and Bath’s go-live.

Picture from Jason Jones on Flickr.