Bike Share Map Update – 6 New Cities, Weather, Stats

Now available on the Bike Share Map are five extra French cities: Montpellier, St Etienne, Calais, Valence and Vannes, as well as Kunshan in China. I’m also now showing the relaunched bike share in Rio de Janeiro – yes, you can #bikeshare beside Copacabana Beach. This brings the total currently being visualised to 45 – not including several that have shut down for the winter and will be back, and some others where I’ve been asked not to collect the data. Thanks to Russell from the Bike-sharing Blog for the tip-offs for all of these.

So far, Montpellier, Rio and Kunshan are looking potentially very interesting, while there’s nothing much going on in Calais, St Etienne, Valence or Vannes.

I’ve also added some extra stats on each bike share, showing the number of docks and how many are completely empty and completely full – often surprisingly many after rush-hour for certain cities.

Finally and perhaps most importantly I’m now showing current weather conditions for most of the cities. The data is the METAR information for the major airport nearest each city, supplied and decoded by the NOAA Internet Weather Source. I’m picking up the reports every hour or so (some report less frequently) and caching them. Hopefully they will prove accurate. Currently it’s reporting 0°C in Toronto and 27°C in Rio de Janeiro.