Demo – Live 3D Kinect Streaming: The Future of Webcams

George MacKerron here in CASA has been looking at using a Kinect or three in our forthcoming ANALOGIES (Analogues of Cities) conference + exhibition.

Inspired in part by Ruairi Glynn‘s amazing work here at UCL, along with Martin at CASA who has been happily experimenting with the OpenKinect bindings for Processing, George has recently got to grips with the excellent Three.js, which makes WebGL — aka 3D graphics in modern browsers. As a fan of making things accessible over the web he has begun to investigate prospects for working with Kinect data in HTML5 and the results are intriguing – a live 3D, movable webcam…
View the live stream here or click on the screenshot to connect (note it needs Chrome at the moment), you can also pan and zoom around with the mouse. Hopefully George will be at his desk for the full effect.

For those without Chrome, the movie below details the concept:

We view this as a glimpse of the future of webcams, the next step is to up the resolution (bandwidth heavy)  and add image data. The implications for video conferencing or indeed that industry that academically we probably cant mention are notable…

Take a look at the blog post from George for full technical details.