USEUM Wins 1st at Athens Start Up Weekend – A new kind of Social Network

USEUM, the latest innovation out of CASA and Digital Humanities here at UCL, participated in Athens Startup Weekend hosted by Microsoft Hellas last weekend and won 1st prize.

From the official website of the competition:

“1st place – USEUM – A brilliantly executed and presented platform that will disrupt the way we buy art. They describe it best as “A bridge between art lovers and artists. It’s a web platform where art enthusiasts can discover emerging artists based on their artistic preferences. ” This team will be visiting Berlin in March to pitch at HackFwd at the Pitch in Berlin V2 event”

Foteini and the winning team handed the mic for the winners’ speech

USEUM was represented by a team of 3 developers (Georgia Kalyva, George Manoltzas, Michalis Nikolaidis) and a businessman (Nikolaos Soulitzis), led by USEUM’s founder Foteini Valeonti. Foteini is currently taking a PhD programme in CASA with joint supervision at UCL DH. Within a few short months she has the backing of UCL Advances and won a mentorship from Rapid Innovation Group. In short its everything a University research lab should be about, innovation, research with the addition of support and a push to get research into the wild.

USEUM aspires to become the no-brainer network for the arts and is potentially a game changer, a beta will be released in late March.

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