We have moved…. the final blogger post

Digital Urban is moving from blogger, over the next few hours the domain will point to a new server hosting us on a WordPress system.

Digital Urban 2005

Its been a blast, with over 1900 posts dating from 2005 and 3000+ comments, it equates to roughly 350,000 words on everything from architectural visualisation through to virtual worlds, timelapse movies, panoramic kit and onwards towards the internet of things and smart cities.

The good news is all the posts and comments are ported across to the new system and with the new functionality we can offer a much more social/dynamic site with the ability to group together content, allow discussion forums and put in place the next steps for du.

http://www.digitalurban.blogspot.com  – it was fun.

For those visiting after the move head over to http://www.digitalurban.org