By: Urban Circus

Nice work guys. <br />this stuff looks nice. But real urban design, civil engineering, statutory and strategic planning work requires focus at the human scale. Humans are what it is all about. <br />The Urban Engine is all about getting down to street level user experience – cars, bikes and people – because that is where we live. <br />Feel free to contact us via to have a go any time. We will send you a link.<br />We love City Engine, SketchUp and Max too – and it all fits into the same workflow. However, we tend to take real data from GIS / LIDAR / survey / CAD design and push that through as a context (via FBX) then start importing revitt / max / sketchup proposals into this base. This is what the Victorian Government now use on a daily basis in house for development assessment. We have also built a “2.5D” building volumetric tool to allow real simple forms to be made in about 12 seconds (easier than sketchup) – to be used live in meetings.<br />Cheers.<br />Dr Ben Guy

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