So How Big Was the Big London Bike Share Expansion?

As planned, Tower Hamlets (east London) and Shepherd’s Bush (west London) saw a big expansion of bike share docking stations, overnight last Wednesday night. There’s also been some incremental additions to the existing zone, and a build-out of Camden Town in the days leading to the “big bang” expansion.

So where are the new docks? As Diamond Geezer has noted, the all four compass points have received new bike share docking stations recently.

The map below shows (in colour) the new docking stations – those that were installed since 1 January 2012, and are currently operational. The old ones are in grey.

The numbers:

Area New Docking Stations
East 91
West 9
North 5
South 6
Central 27
Docking Stations Stands
Old (2011-) 410 3937
New (2012+) 138 10071
TOTAL 548 14008

There are a few more “ghost” docking stations that appear on the map, these are old docking stations that have been decommissioned or more new ones that were recently in testing and so appeared on the official map – TfL have promised an additional 10-15 docking stations) will go in in early April.

Background map CC-By-SA OpenStreetMap contributors.