CityDashboard is the main project that I have been working on for the last few months. It aims to summarise quantitative data (both officially provided and crowd-sourced) for the major UK cities, in a single screen. Point data is also shown in an alternate map view.

It was launched at the CASA Smart Cities conference last Friday, for eight cities – London, Cardiff, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Manchester, Leeds, Birmingham and Newcastle. London has the most dashboard “modules” at present, with a number of London-specific modules from Transport for London, the Port of London Authority, and CASA’s own sensors. Other cities have several more generic modules (such as weather and Twitter trends) and more city-specific modules will be added to these in due course. I am also looking at improving the overall look and feel of the website, possibly by using the BBC Glow API that was suggested to me at the conference (but just now took me half an hour to find on the web!)

CityDashboard features specially curated Twitter lists. For each city, there is a general news list, featuring tweets from local newspapers, local correspondents for the BBC and other TV and radio channels, tourist organisations and the official accounts for the relevant local authorities. There is also a universities list, with the official Twitter accounts for the main universities in each city, as well as their student unions. It is hoped that this latter list with detail the latest university research outputs, coming out of that city. The account that manages the lists is CityDB and the lists take the form of, for example, and Anyone can subscribe to these lists, you don’t have to only view them through CityDashboard.

You can visit CityDashboard live, right now, at

The project is an output of NeISS, which is funded by JISC.