Datascape – New 3D Dataviz tool from Daden

This is intriguing, a new 3D package to map and explore data – Datascape, by Daden Ltd, known perviously for their work in Second Life, provides an immersive environment in which users can explore and interact with data from almost any source.

David Burden, Daden’s Managing Director said “Datascape is ground-breaking and we’re expecting visualisations that tell a story and show how the additional power of immersion can lead to better understanding and communication”

The movie below provides an insight into the possibilities:


Key Features

Datascape can be delivered as a standalone desktop application, or as a networked or internet delivered multi-user system. Using Datascape you can:

  • Import data from a wide variety of data sources, with native support for Excel, CVS and SQL and access to XML, JSON and other through ETL tools such as Kettle
  • Import data from web services such as RSS, Twitter and other feeds and real-time data
  • Visualise up to 65,000 entities at a time
  • Dynamically map and re-map data parameters onto plot features – with up to 10 features being available per plot point
  • Plot multiple datasets in the same subjective space
  • Filter, group, and highlight data
  • Use force-graph algorithms to plot network graphs
  • Plot geospatial and temporal data with time-on-a-stick
  • Save spaces for later analysis, or share them with other users, with over a dozen users being able to collaborate in the same space, each visible to each other
  • Animate data in time or space
  • “Scrub” data through a dynamic filter window

There is a free version available (limited to 2000 data points) linked to Dadens’ recently announced data visualisation competition. The competition is open to individuals, academics and commercial users with the winning entries being featured on Daden’s website and in a supporting press release. All submissions must be received by 17:00 GMT on 12 November 2012, via the Daden Website . Winners will be announced on 1 Dec 2012. Competition rules and entry details can be found on the website.