Camilo holds a BEng degree in Cadastral Engineering and Geodesy from the “Francisco Jose de Caldas” District University, a MA in Software for Computer Networking from “Los Andes” University and a MSc in Geographic Information Science from UCL. Before he started his MSc at UCL, he worked for two years as a research assistant in Spatial Data Infrastructure at the Research and Development Centre for Geographic Information (CIAF) of the ‘Agustin Codazzi’ Colombian Geographic Institute and he held a number of GIS analyst and developer freelance positions, mainly focusing on mining applications. After he finished his MSc, he spent the next few months developing MARSWEB a GIS based web 2.0 mapping application to measure impact craters on the surface of Mars and DEMQis a web mechanism for users to share annotation on DEM quality problems at the Mullard Space Science Laboratory in the Department of Space and Climate Physics of UCL. Camilo joined CASA in April 2010 and his research interests within SCALE project include land use transportation modelling, spatiotemporal GIS, activity-based modelling and distributed computing.