Weighted Mean Direction Surfaces in Python

I work a lot with flows and spatial interactions, one thing that I’ve wanted to do for a while is compute a mean flow direction surface. Unfortunately, arithmetic means don’t work for angular data, this is because it cannot account for the circular nature of the distribution of angular measurements. For instance the angles 5 […]

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Finnish Municipalities: A case for zone design?

In Finland, municipalities are incredibly powerful; like local authorities in the UK, municipalities are responsible for local administration, but they also levy an income tax and are responsible for providing most public services. Municipalities were founded on the assumption of equality, which forms the basis for the reform considerations currently ongoing in the Finnish government. […]

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ArcGIS 10 – Field Calculator and Python

Python has been more tightly integrated in the new release of ArcGIS 10, allowing scripting to occur directly through a Python process without even opening up ArcMap. Admittedly this was available before, but now everything is more tightly coupled and a lot cleaner in it’s implementation. However, what has really interested, and indeed confused me […]

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