Metropolitan – 100 3D Models on Video Copilot

The Video Copilot site is arguably one of the best sites out there for learning Adobe After Effects – with their new Metropolitan and Skyscraper 3D pack (along with demo) it is also  a must stop off for 3D urban modelling.

Metropolitan Pack

Their new Metropolitan pack features:

• Over 100 High Definition 3D Models
• Day and Night Textures Included
• Multiple 3D Formats (OBJ, C4D, FBX, 3DS Max, Vray)
The video below provides a glimpse of the possibilites:

Head over to Video Copilot for full details or to run through one of their 137 tutorials on everything After Effects.

Of course with a mix of Lumion/CityEngine you could do something similar and all with the free trials….