Imagination and Collaboration

In 2018 Oliver Uberti and I had the honour of receiving the Corlis Benefideo Award for Imaginative Cartography. What follows is an adaptation of our acceptance speech from the 2018 NACIS Annual Meeting in Norfolk, Virginia. To read the article in Cartographic Perspectives and for referencing information click here. IMAGINATION Oliver: Good evening. In preparing…

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The iPad Video Wall

I am happy to report that the iPad Video wall has grown up from a prototype to a fully fledged finished project. If you have been following the blog then you would have saw the prototype video of the wall’s proof of concept and watched a single movie playing over all 8 iPads. Well I’ve […]

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Telefonica (02) plans to explore Big Data

Telecommunication companies are sitting on a gold mine. With the prevalence of mobile devices in our every day life, for example reports from Google IO are that 400 million Android devices have been activated at a rate of 1,000,000 activations per day, the data that we generate as a collective group is phenomenal. Phone companies […]

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