River Services Map

Londoners will be very familiar with the crowded London Underground services and their famous diagrammatic Tube Map, but might be less familiar with another public transport network – boats on the River Thames. Yes, you can commute to work by catamaran – as long as you live and work close to the river. London’s river […]

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TubeHeartbeat visualises one of Transport for London’s most interesting and detailed open dataset, RODS. This has data on the approximate weekday volume of passengers between each pair of stations on the network, and entering/exiting the stations, at 15-minute intervals. Mapping this, as TubeHeartbeat does, shows a distinctive pulse, or heartbeat, as commuters surge in and […]

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London Connections: A Geographic Tube Map

View the full map as a lovely vector PDF The Transport for London (TfL) tube map, with its straight lines, 45-degree rounded corners and simple, clear cartography, is a design classic. The map dispenses with other features such as parks, roads and urban extents – because you don’t need those if you are getting from […]

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