East End Independents

This hand-sketched map has been produced by Adam Dant and Herb Lester, for the East End Trades Guild, to promote over 200 small businesses based in east and north-east London. Over a hundred of these are independent shops, cafes and restaurants to visit. The map is presented with an unusual projection, focusing on Columbia Road […]

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Local Maps

Not all maps of London need to cover the whole, 33 borough, 8 million-population metropolis. Here’s three maps that focus more on a local area: 1. Tottenham This attractive little map promotes a number of the new start-up businesses in the area – including a climbing wall, a brewery/bar, and arts centre and a concept […]

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Landmarks of London

We featured Bridges of London earlier this week. However, the public realm relating to the Thames is more than the river itself and the bridges crossing it. One of London’s defining features, in recent times, as the Thames has cleaned and the spaces beside it have become less-traffic choked, is its riverside frontage. This lovely […]

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Bridges of London

The River Thames is London’s defining geographical feature and its inclusion is almost mandatory on any map attempting to cover the whole of the capital. Bridges are most Londoners’ visible contact with the river, with over 30 spanning the river in London, including elevated crossing by the so-called “Underground”. As such, illustrated maps of the […]

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Smiley’s London

This map created by illustrator Mike Hall (who we’ve featured before) for Penguin Books, shows the locations in London that featured in John le Carré’s George Smiley spy novels. This is a lovely map, drawn from scratch and using a distinctive yellow/green and pastel blue pastel colour palette that evokes classic literary works and hand-printed […]

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Summer: It’s a Really Big Deal

This artistic map of central London attractions was drawn by illustrator Andy Smith for Chiltern Railway, as part of a promotion to attract families into London during the summer holidays. We like the bold and unusual colour scheme for the map, of maroons, pinks and oranges. It’s fairly unusual to see the Thames in pink […]

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London Bay

It’s a typical August day in London today, with the rain falling pretty heavily and at least one tube station closed due to flooding. London’s greatest long-term flooding threat, though, is from isothermal expansion of the world’s water (i.e. it needs slightly more space as it heats) due to climate change. The above map was […]

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Mayfair & St James’s

We’ve long been fans of artist Stephen Walter’s monochromatic cartographical style and have featured numerous map-based artworks by him over the years. It’s been interesting seeing his style subtly evolve, from intense and slightly angry detections of “seas” of houses and caustic comments, to the slightly more restrained, but still very distinctive, style of his […]

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Walk with Me Maps – Dalston & Stoke Newington


This is one of seven London neighborhood maps, each drawn by different artists from the University of the Arts London and recently released by the Walk with Me project. This map, of Dalston and Stoke Newington in north-east London, was drawn by Martina Paukova. We like the distinctive shade of blue used for the map […]

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Curiocity is a weighty tome, written by Henry Eliot and Matt Lloyd-Rose and published recently by Particular Books. The book follows on from a short, alphabetically organised series of pocket maps, some of which that we featured (C) a few years ago (D). This is a book which certainly delivers on its back-cover promise to […]

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London Boroughs Typographical Map

Typographical maps (maps made up of words representing each area, which form the map themselves) are a favourite of Mapping London and we featured a lovely example earlier this year. It is a lovely print but it had one problem – it only featured the central area of London. Lots of interesting places in Zone […]

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Animated Acton


Here’s a nice hand-drawn map created by graphic designer John Hathaway, of his neighborhood, Acton in west London, along with some local landmarks. We like the good, crisp cartography and the detail, particularly the individual trees and the Robin Reliant! Event better, here’s a speeded-up video of the creation of the map itself: Sent by […]

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Tate Modern Switch House: a New Perspective on London

High rise developments are often exclusive private spaces, as attested by the current glut of luxury flats, hotels and offices rising across Inner London. Even recent developments advertising their public space credentials have come up short, with for example the Shard’s fantastic views costing £25 entry fee, or the Walkie-Talkie’s ‘skygarden’ amounting to an expensive restaurant and some pot plants. … Continue reading Tate Modern Switch House: a New Perspective on London

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Food Maps

Here’s some arty maps of localities in London which have a distinctly culinary theme. “Edible Clapham” drawn by Lis Watkins and commissioned by Incredible Edible Lambeth – more a series of colourful, detailed drawings linked together by a walking route, it nonetheless is the map needed for a foodie tour of this trendy neighborhood: “Tootopia”, […]

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Food Map of Waterloo


I’ve seen maps of food locations in London before, but not one actually made of food. Food 4 Thought, created by artist Ali Zaidi a few years ago, for “Multiwalks”, a mobile tours platform, has a distinctly organic feel to it. Lower Marsh, a street full of eateries near Waterloo station, is mapped in detail […]

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Graphic Watercolour Map


Here’s a lovely looking artistic map of London. Created by Ben Grib in a “watercolour” style and produced as a print on “natural” textured art paper with plenty of grain, the Graphic Watercolour Map shows the spaces between streets with a characteristic painted look, the tones varying from block to block. The remaining white space […]

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Argotopolis is a map of London slang, created by Adam Dant (cartographer) and Jonathon Green (lexicographer). At first glance it looks like an ornate tree, look more closely and you’ll realise it is indeed a map, with Farringdon Road acting as the trunk of an “Old Oak” (aka the “Big Smoke”, aka London) – and […]

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Typographical Map of London


The Typographical Map of London, created by artist Joao Fonte, shows central London as a collection of symbols and words, arranged in a topologically representative form to show the city’s structure in a novel way. We really like the way the artist has been careful in their choice, and number, of colours, these add significantly […]

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Lumiere London

Lumiere London is a festival of light and art taking place every evening until this Sunday. From 6:30-10pm, nearly 30 temporary artworks in central London will come alive with lights. From a holographic elephant to neon sausage-dogs and a strange organic-looking structure suspended over London’s principal crossroads (Oxford Circus), it’s a great excuse to brave […]

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10×10 London: Land Water Land

Every year, for the last few years, Mapping London editors Oliver and James have been invited to create and submit an artwork for 10×10 London, a charity art auction organised by Article 25, the architectural development charity (originally called Architects for Aid). Being neither artists or architects, it is very flattering that we have been […]

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Josie Shenoy’s “River Thames”

Mapping London stumbled upon this lovely cartographic art-piece of London, created by illustrator Josie Shenoy, at her stall at the South Bank Christmas Market (almost underneath the southern end of the Hungerford Bridge that goes across to Charing Cross, near Foyles’s South Bank outpost). It’s called River Thames and is available as a print and […]

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Currency and Cartography

Currency and Cartography is an solo exhibition by artist Justine Smith, available to view in the gallery space at The Map House in Knightsbridge, a specialist map dealer (and treasure trove crammed with thousands of other maps, globes, illustrations and other prints – be warned you will get lost browsing in this small but perfectly […]

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Fuller’s London Town

Artist Gareth J Wood, aka Fuller, unveiled this striking black-and-weight map-based artwork over London, yesterday. The work was started way back in 2005, and after a four-year pause, Fuller came back and completed the piece, which is well over a metre wide. The work, which can be seen alongside similar works for Bristol and Purbeck, […]

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