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The Changing London Olympic Park – 2006 to 2010

Inspired by Andrew Kesper’s ABC before/after photos of the Japan tsunami destruction, I have created a “scrubber” photo of the London Olympic construction site in the east of the capital, using the imagery available in Google Earth. The aerial photography is copyright Google and Bluesky. You can the see the original imagery in Google Earth by using the program’s timeline slider, there are some other years also available there, even one from December 1945.

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Flattening the Earth

Flattening the Earth so that it can be easily drawn on a 2-dimensional surface is complicated. Over many years map projections have been developed to aid in this process, but they can only really estimate (albeit very accurately) the shape and dimensions of things on the Earth’s round surface. Whilst it is important to understand …

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Extreme Citizen Science – ExCiteS

Challenging Engineering is an EPSRC programme aimed at supporting individuals in building  a research group and to ‘establish themselves as the future leaders of research’. As can be imagined, this is a both prestigious and well-funded programme – it provides enough resources to establish a group, recruit postdoctoral and PhD researchers, visit external laboratories and […]

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A Week in the Life of a Tile Server

Recently, BBC Look East have been running a “Broadband Speed Survey”, asking people to use an online tester to check their broadband speed, and then enter the value, along with their postcode, into SurveyMapper. This generated 16,311 responses to the survey, but for each response people get to view the map containing the latest data, […]

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Just another Python blog.

I’m Hannah Fry, I’ve been lecturing at UCL for 5 years, trained as a mathematician and now working as a fully fledged academic on a global dynamics and complexity project. Now that I’ve finished my PhD, I thought it was time to grow up and learn a proper  programming language. Python, in its similarities to […]

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